… and also at thought bubble will be the new paper science!

Half a year back Matt Sheret very kindly asked me to do a cover for We Are Words And Pictures bi-annual newspaper-print anthology, and after only a very brief bit of discussion we settled on the giant lady-powered tea-machine! So basically I'm dead excited for 3 reasons:
1) it's really touching to be asked to do the cover for such a beautifully odd publication
2) i love tea
3) i got to play at drawing heath-robinson stuff! If you've not looked recently go and have another peek at Heath-Robinson's work, not only is his linework beautiful, his people are just so full of character. Getting to do some of that for just one cover is a joy.

oh and to cap it off:
4) Hugh "shug" Raine, of Leeds Alternative Comics Fair fame, occupies the back cover spot, so basically the Leeds comics guys are endemic! sorted. Oh and Philippa Rice of of My Cardboard Life is in there too. Oh shush, look, it's just going to be ace is all. Ace I say!

So yeah, basically, I'm as chuffed as chuffed thing in chuffington-on-chuffed, chuffedshire.