… re-spray everything brass? I dunno, i’m just guessing the solvent would evaporate or solidify waaaay before the droplets reached the … No! I’ve got it! "in space no-one can hear you steam!" Cos, you know, zero pressure and minimal temperature would make getting the water to cross in and out of a liquid-gas state a nightmare … unless I suppose you used a different substance instead of water, kept it under pressure, I guess that might …

SOOO back from Steampunks in Space 2014 at the National Space Centre in Leicester. Was my last big event of the year (think I’m at a small Leeds thing at the Belgrave in a couple of weeks but y’know) and had another lovely time hanging with lovely people and narrowly avoiding euphemisms:
– Uranus (thank you Willoughby & Herr Doktor)
– drew many rocket ship licenses (a surreptitious First Tea Company Warrant Card! Mwahahaha!)
– celestial orbs
– failed to catch up with sleep (Yay! Always a sign of good times)
– rockets etc.
– nattered endlessly with Willoughby (cheers for helping you beaut!) and many others
– Tits (nope Geof, totally bit working)
– Uranus (still worth it)

Today, like many post-event days, is a plotting & scheming day before I get back to it. Specifically I’m plotting and scheming tomorrow’s Doctor Geof AGM (we’ll be pubbing for aaaages and pretending to work! Which is different from a non-AGM pub by virtue of me staying out way longer than usual because I won’t be thinking I need to get back and work! MWAHAHAHA! GENIUS!)(I think we’ve already had two this year: I figure it’s wise to adopt some business-like practices, but there’s no way I’m taking it too seriously) with the ever sparkly Sara & Harry.

Anyhoo, I’ll tell you guys about all that another time. Laters!