Thought bubble is this weekend and, along with the tea museum-ening (in the armouries hall! a museum inside a museum! fuck yeah!), I'm touched to have been asked to join the "Everything you ever wanted to know about self-publishing" panel talk by the We Are Words And Picture peoples. It's a nifty little line up of some of the most active small press guys I know including Katie Green, Steve Tanner, Hugh ‘Shug’ Raine, and Andy Sykes. As such, and also because of a couple of polite emails got me pondering stuff, I've recently been contemplating the (cue dramatic thunder) THE VERY NATURE OF SMALL-PRESS COMICS PUBLISHING THEMSELVES! (itself? themself? yeah)

There's a pile of blog-posts I could do on the subject of "how I came to this predicament" and "printers! why some of them and lovely and some of them are just plain baffling" or "mistakes i think i've made" but to begin with I'd just like to re-echo Phil McAndrew's post, cos I think it really gets to the heart of it all:

Draw. Draw more. Not just draw final things but sketch and plot and play with ideas (Currently I'm thinking about zeppelin pirates and I've about 6 ideas as to how the strip works and I'm torn between the first one i came up with last night and the one i thought of when i woke up this morning. Arrr). Try out new things but generally have fun (when the lack of sleep kicks in I have considered that the word "fun" isn't quite right at times, maybe "satisfaction" "contentment" but moreover some word meaning "a tiny nugget of joy"), because if you end up doing this as a living and you don't have fun then you may as well get a job doing anything else that isn't fun but which will leave you with spare time to draw the stuff that is fun. Is all to do with the fun-optimisation I reckon.

Right, must get back to other things, laters!