The First Tea Company’s Travelling Tea Museum of the First Tea Company is Dr. Geof’s fictional history/ tea-enthusiast/ generally ridiculousness installation and/or event.

It’s large wooden walls fold up and load out for easy transportation and size/shape changing – allowing it to entertain rooms both large and small.
It can also be presented as one room (facing inwards or outwards), or as several smaller blocks.

The Museum debuted in 2010 and has been expanding ever since.


Tea Museum at the Cutty Sark Museum

16 July–30 September 2014, the Museum was installed in the exhibition under the Cutty Sark tea clipper vessal, as part of the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich.

On the weekend of August 9-10th, Dr. Geof also held a First Tea Company Enlistment Fair; wherein museum-goers portraits were drawn in specially made Warrant ID cards. There was much chatting, tea, cake and merryment for all!

This weekend Geof also popped over to the National Maritime Museum to do a talk about fiction, history, and the blending of the two.

– MCM London Comic-Con
– Thought Bubble (The Leeds Comic Arts Festival)
– The Leeds Steampunk Market

The Yorkshire Evening Post


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